...Sort of like air force one, but kinder...

Declassified Mission Details

Captain Leon Logothetis, the main purpose of your next mission is to prove that Kindness is the real fuel that drives humanity. You must leave from the Hollywood Sign and journey across the globe in a vintage motorbike with a sidecar, otherwise known as ‘Kindness ONE®’, returning successfully to the Hollywood sign.

You will have No gas. No food. No money and No places to stay.

You must rely entirely on the kindness of strangers. You must document your journey so that people will know that it is possible to inspire Kindness in their lives.

Good luck old Chap!


Kindness Headquarters/Undisclosed location


I need your help chaps!

Fellow Humans! Please join me on this epic journey in search of global kindness and help me prove that although love might make the world go round, it’s kindness that inspires love.

I need YOU. Kindness ONE® needs YOU.

Please share my story with your friends around the world and help me inspire a critical mass of kindness wherever you might be. When I return to the Hollywood sign in a few months, I want our world to be a kinder place…

Together, we can do it.  Lets #inspirekindness

Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody


The book that inspired Kindness ONE®

A life changing journey across America relying on the kindness of strangers.

“A gem of a book: endearing, engaging and inspiring!” – Catharine Hamm, Los Angeles Times, travel editor

“Leon’s tales of learning to rely on other people are warm, funny and entertaining. If your looking to find meaning in this disconnected world of ours, this book contains many clues” Psychology Today